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Theoldreader sync implemented

I originally intended to make AOL Reader work, but failed due to the undocumented and propably not yet published authentication API. I'll ask AOL about it, but if anyone knows please drop me a mail. So I could not work on AOL Reader, so I choose to work on TheOldReader ( which I found very pleasant and stable. The API is close to Google Reader with the only limitation that it sometimes only has JSON support and no XML. As we use JSON already for TinyTinyRSS synching I could build on existing code. So git master now has working experimental TheOldReader support! This will be released soon with the initial 1.10 release. So Liferea now has the following online synchronization support:
NameStatusImport Google Reader
Google ReaderDeprecated%
TinyTinyRSSImplemented, StableNo
TheOldReaderImplemented, ExperimentalNo
AOL ReaderPlanned, API not completeYes
Digg ReaderPlanned, API not publicYes
NewsBlurNot Planned, API too differentYes
FeedlyI registered Liferea as interested ClientYes
On the long term I'd like to support to new Google Reader clones to give Liferea users some choice along with TinyTinyRSS for the self-hosting choice.