Today sees the first release candidate for the new 1.10 series. Compared to the previous unstable release 1.9.7 it now provides a clean migration to GSettings, fixed support for TinyTinyRSS 1.6 and an improved player plugin. Please help testing this release to get out 1.10! The detailed changes:
    * Patch SF #3407290: Migrate to GSettings
      (by Mikel Olasagasti)
    * Patch SF #3579177: Change .desktop category to News;Feed;
      (by Stanislav Brabec)
    * Fix for Debian #668197: x-www-browser preference not working
      (David Smith)
    * Added slider and time display to media player plugin.
    * Added Google Plus to social bookmarking options.
    * Removing deprecated g_thread_init() call
    * Auto-enable plugins on migration
    * Added missing -a option to manpage
    * Updated manpage to reflect XDG path migration
    * Changing GSettings path from /apps/liferea to /org/gnome/liferea
    * Changes default download thread concurrency from 2 to 3
    * Fixes regression about using the GNOME default font
    * Improves all item/link launching menus to consistently provide
      three options: Tab, Browser and External Browser
    * Fixes SF #1037: Incorrect notifications for Google Reader
      (patch by David Smith)
    * Fixes SF #1048: Removed all references from FAQ
      and XSLT as it was reported to host malware.
      (reported by bkat)
    * Fixes SF #1041: Some GPLv2 license headers were outdated
      (reported by Emmanuel Seyman)
    * Fixes SF #1044: tt-rss API changed (we now support only 1.6 API)
      (patch by Sebastian Noel)
    * Fixes assertion when creating new tt-rss subscriptions
    * Fixes XHTML errors caused by extra  tags returned by tt-rss
    * Fixes missing item list update when browsing item URLs in Liferea