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Dependency problem on debian jessie and ubuntu wily

A problem with using Liferea under Debian Jessie and Ubuntu Wily has been reported: Installing Liferea pulls a lot of KDE packages even if you not a KDE user.

What Happened?

With Debian Jessie (which Ubuntu Wily is built upon) the download manager "steadyflow" was dropped, because it is not maintained anymore. Now the Debian "liferea" package having two package recommends with one now being not satisfied anymore the other one "kget", a KDE download manager, wins. And "kget" pulls all KDE base packages.

How to Workaround?

Uninstalling the unintended KDE packages can be achieved by:
sudo apt-get purge kget
sudo apt-get autoremove

Long Term Solution

With "steadyflow" (which worked perfectly IMO) dropped we need another GTK-based download manager and luckily there is still one left "uget". And it is already supported in the 1.11 preferences.

How to Manually Install uget

Simply run
sudo apt-get install uget
and change the download manager in the preferences dialog to "uget".