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Subscribing To Html5 Websites That Have No Feed

New feature: HTML5-based website scraping fallback

For 1.13.1 I’ve just merged a feature that will use HTML5 markup when there is no feed provided by a website to collect articles.

Preparing for the post-RSS age

As of today most of the websites still provide RSS feeds. Still I suspect we will see more and more sites without feeds. Mostly in public sector websites often have historically bad markup and are entirely missing feeds. Nowadays some of the websites do see an overhaul and suddenly have proper HTML5 markup. Of course they are still missing a feed.

The German state of Brandenburg portal is such an example. With the new HTML5 feed support Liferea allows to subscribe directly to the website.

In general I believe this is a good fallback to have for every news aggregator to allow users to stay within the aggregator and to subscribe to even unlikely sources.

Parsing Semantic HTML5

The good thing about HTML5 is that it can be more than a mindless soup of <p>, <span> and <div> tags. With tags such as <header>, <figure>, <article> and many more it becomes possible to know what stuff is.

So if Liferea parses the frontpage of a news website and discovers multiple <article> tags including a h1,h2 or h3 tag and a link it will use those as headlines.

Auto-discovery precedence

For now Liferea will first check for actual feed links in the website and only if it doesn’t find feed links it will check if the website is suitable HTML5 and start extracting content like this.