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Liferea 1.13.8 released

Here comes a new development release in the 1.13 line.

As with the previous releases there were again many contributions which make working on Liferea a lot of fun. Special thanks to Matthew Horan for the multitude of contributions in this release!

Continued work on ‘Reader Mode’

It contains further work on the new “Reader Mode” feature. While the feature is not yet complete it is much more useful now. “Reader mode” is now more consistent to the global preference and can be consistently ad-hoc toggled via the browser content menu. It now uses the same styling as the headline view does.

What’s still missing for the feature:

  • maybe a per-feed subscription
  • good fallback when it fails (e.g. auto-redirect to normal website and/or a good error message)

TheOldReader improvements

For TheOldReader support for synchronizing title changes and folder changes was implemented. There is also a bugfix to prevent that deleted feeds would reappear later.

Release Candidate for v1.14

Given the progress so far, after one or two more 1.13 releases we will probably see a 1.14 release candidate. Until then some issues with ‘Reader Mode’ and HTML5 feeds have to be ironed out…


Here is the detailed list of changes:

* #1103: New hot key Ctrl-D for 'Open in External Browser' 
  (David Yang)

* #1101: Reader mode for internal browser: is now applied on prefetched HTML
  document instead of applying after normal rendering. Which means it
  is more secure and much faster. (Lars Windolf)

* #1097: Reader mode for internal browser: shows now standard decorations
  like in headline view. (Lars Windolf)

* #1095: New feature: Export items to feed file
  (Alexandre Erwin Ittner)

* #1078, #1081, #1082: Make several plugins XDG path aware
  (Paweł Marciniak)

* #1071: Various fixes and feature enhancements for TheOldReader sources
  Sync titles, sync folder changes, fix removal consistency
  (Matthew Horan)

* #1061: Faster and safer generation of localized filenames
  (Lorenzo Ancora)

* #1052: Allow building with libpango < 1.43.0 (Ubuntu 18.04)
  (Alexandre Erwin Ittner)

* #778: New preference: deferred removal of read items from folders and
  search folders. (Rich Coe)

* Fixes #1094: Fix Next Unread Item crash when no feed selected
  (Matthew Horan)

* Fixes #1092: --debug-html seems broken
  (Matthew Horan)

* Fixes #1073: Memory leak in stylesheet reloading
  (Matthew Horan)

* Fixes #1069: Don't update HTML view when browsing internally
  (Matthew Horan)

* Fixes #1064: Fix strsep implicit declaration warning
  (Paweł Marciniak)

* Fixes #1058: Italian manpage installation
  (Paweł Marciniak)

* Fixes #1053: Use liferea_shell_show_window() when activating
  This shold fix an issue where position is not restored on XOrg when
  Liferea is trigger from Cinnamon launcher (instead of tray)
  (Matthew Horan)

* Fixes #1066: Browse to requested URI on JS window creation (this
  prevents loading empty tabs on weird JS links some sites/feeds have)
  (Matthew Horan)

* #1095: Updated of French translation

* #1043: Added Italian documentation translation
  (Lorenzo Ancora)


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