It’s Christmas so let’s have a small present for everyone. Here is a new unstable release.

There are some visual fixes concerning favicons and fixing the blurry trayicon. Additionally many early testers of “reader mode” asked for ways to disable it. So there is now a global preference to disable it altogether and there is also a button to right top of the headline view to toggle it on demand while you read.

This release also fixes a longstanding bug where search folder rules where not case insensitive as intenteded. So you searches might not have found every hit they should have.


    * Prevent endless loop on favicon discovery
      (Lars Windolf)

    * #903: Prevent endless loop in feed autodiscovery
      (reported by Leiaz)

    * #912: Allow mutiple feed in same libnotify notification
      (Tasos Sahanidis)

    * Further favicon discovery improvements: now detects all types of
      Apple Touch Icons, MS Tile Images and Safari Mask Icons
      Fixes #440
      (Lars Windolf)

    * Add reader mode toggle in the item view
      (Lars Windolf)

    * #876 Add reader mode preference
      (Lars Windolf)

    * Implement support for subscribing to LD+Json metadata
      listings e.g. concert or theater event listings
      (Lars Windolf)

    * Provide the default icon for feeds with no favicon as SVG
      for nicer rendering in wide view. Drop some unused icons.
      Replace tray icon with scalable version.
      (Lars Windolf)

    * Fixes CRITICAL on trayicon plugin init
      (Lars Windolf)

    * Fixes #884: Content of wrong feed is shown
      (Leiaz, reported by Michael F. Schönitzer)

    * Fixes #900: Flatpak needs icon named after appid
      (Mikel Olasagasti)

    * Fixes #908, #332: Search folder are not case-insensitive as documented
      (reported by Heinz Peter Hippenstiel and Jeff Fortin)

    * Fixes #899: Truncated articles (on 'Extract full content')
      (reported by Leiaz)

    * #902: Updated Polish translation


Grab the tarball on the Github release page