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Liferea 1.13.6 released

This is a new development release mostly focusing on usability. Thanks for all the contributed bugfixes!


* Change reader mode toggle from item view icon to toggle entry in
  item view context menu.
  (Lars Windolf)

* #343: UX redesign of the update message in the status bar. Now shows a
  update counter of the feeds being in update.
  (Lars Windolf)

* #964: Added pane position fix plugin providing a workaround for pane position
  issues when using the headerbar

* #983: Use GtkFileChooserNative to allow selecting local files when
  run in sandbox.

* Fixes #780: Improve date formatting when in locale en_GB

* Fixes #944: Broken RTL text direction in feed content view
  (Lars Windolf)

* Fixes #949: Regression in notification plugin that caused it to show
  non-new items
  (Lars Windolf)

* Fixes #963: Checking for git command in plugin installer -> warn user

* Fixes #973: Broken CSS in Webkit2Gtk >= 2.32

* Updated Albanian translation
  (Besnik Bleta)

* Updated French translation

* Updated Italian translation

* Updated German translation
  (Lars Windolf)


Grab the tarball on the Github release page