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Liferea 1.12.5 released

1.12.5 is a bugfix release. It includes an important bug fix that solves a possible endless loop on using "Next Unread" which several users experienced as endless high CPU usage. If you are affected by this: please upgrade! This release also switches the keyring integration from GnomeKeyring to libsecret and introduces a flatpak JSON.


    * #665: Webkit browser now supplies 'Liferea' component in user agent
    * #664: Added "Mark All As Read" button to headerbar plugin
    * #620: Added flatpak JSON
    * #579: Added item list column drag and drop reordering
      (Yanko Kaneti)
    * #436, #662: Move from GnomeKeyring to libsecret

    * Fixes #663: Correct instapaper sharing link
      (Daniel Alexandersen)
    * Fixes #661: Update sharing links
      (Daniel Alexandersen)
    * Fixes #271: Consistent over usage of CPU (trigger by "Next Unread" loop)
      (reported by GreenLunar)

    * #472, #632: Dropping Inoreader support (API broke)


You can download the release tarball at github.