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How to use liferea with pocket

Github ticket #199 is a feature request for Pocket integration for Liferea. Pocket is now more widely used due to the tight integration in Firefox. So as a Firefox user you might have an account that you might want to reuse for Liferea. Given the way how the current bookmarking function works, Liferea only supports websites with the capability to pass bookmark infos (link, title) via HTTP URI. This is not the case for Pocket which is why it cannot be easily implemented.

How to Workaround

Some days ago user mathew42 suggested a solution for this in the ticket. I repost his suggestion here for everyone who might want to use it. I was able to implement this feature by:
  • Downloading the pocket-cli python script
  • Run the script to configure oauth
  • In preferences changing the External Browser Settings to Manual
  • Set the "Manual:" text field to
    python/ -a %s
Obviously the drawback of the approach is that you cannot view the article in an external browser, but I find the internal browser adequate the majority of the time.