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Liferea 1.13.5 released

This is a new development release mostly focussing on usability. There is also a fix of a long-standing bug that search folder searches were not case-insensitive as documented.


    * #907: Add new search folder property that allows hiding read items
      (Lars Windolf, suggested by Jeff Fortin)

    * Now always shows the unread count of a search folder (instead of the
      item count) in the feed list
      (Lars Windolf)

    * Now search folders are automatically rebuild when rules are changed
      (Lars Windolf)

    * Adds a new simple focus plugin that adds transparency on the feed list
      when it is not focussed.

    * Add F10 hotkey to headerbar plugin to allow triggering the hamburger menu

    * Update Flatpak AppData with release dates
      (Mikel Olasagasti)

    * Make several plugins support gettext

    * Fixes #192: wrong button order of media player in RTL locales
      (patch by GreenLunar)

    * Fixes #343: Usability of update infos in status bar. Now a total
      count is displayed on mass-updates and a per-feed info on single
      feed updates
      (Lars Windolf)

    * Fixes #809: Usability of feed fetching errors.
      (Lars Windolf)

    * Updated Polish translation

    * Updated German translation
      (Lars Windolf)


Grab the tarball on the Github release page