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Liferea trick #8: change menu accelerators

When you are not satisfied with the menu key bindings defined by Liferea do not despair it is easy to change them!

This trick is valid for Liferea versions 1.12 to 1.15.

Edit Accels Plugin

There is a plugin by frequent Liferea contributor Mozbugbox allowing you to change keybindings. It is not installed per-default, so install it via Tools -> Plugin Installer. In the plugin preferences click Dump Accels to create a key binding file.

Screencast of accels dump via plugin

Open the keybinding file in ~/.local/share/liferea/plugins/accels/accels.txt in your favourite editor. This file will be now be read upon Liferea startup to set key bindings and contains lines like these:

# ["", []]
["", ["<Primary>n"]]
# ["", []]
# ["", []]

Note how only has a defined key binding Ctrl-N and for example has none.

To change a key binding:

  • First remove any ‘#’ at the start of the line
  • Then enter a valid key binding. Choose prefixes like <Primary> (for Ctrl), <Alt>, <Shift> as needed and append the key after it.
  • Ensure the key binding you defined is not used elsewhere in the file

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