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Save your google reader data with liferea!

If you were using Google Reader synchronization with Liferea do not delete your subscription! Instead convert it to local subscriptions and keep all your item history. To do so choose the option "Convert To Local Subscriptions" from the feed list context menu: Screenshot on converting Google Reader subscription I hope this feature helps everyone who cares about the item history he has from his synchronized Google Reader subscriptions. Two Important Notes
  1. This feature will be included starting with release 1.8.15 and 1.10-RC4. Don't worry you can migrate all data even after Google Reader shuts down as all data is kept locally in the Liferea sqlite database. Just do not delete the Google Reader subscription in the meantime.
  2. While the conversion is quite simple it is not perfect. There will be item duplication afterwards as the item id matching is not consistent. Google Reader item ids do not match the original item ids so Liferea will produce some duplicates right after converting. But only for those items overlapping at this moment. Please just mark them as read!