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Liferea 1.10.17 released

This is a maintenance release fixing the following issues


    * Fixes Github #194: Add source dialog visually broken
      (reported by k0377)
    * Fixes Github #195: Out-dated documentation on enclosure download
      (reported by brian-in-crawford)
    * Fixes Github #223: Search folder dialog don't show rules
      (reported by Guido Masella)
    * Fixes Github #227: Preference dialog fails to load with latest
      GtkBuilder (patch by Yanko Kaneti)
    * Fixes Github #234: Segmentation fault upon attempting to add an OPML
      (reported by GreenLunar)
    * Fixes compilation error when there is no libnotify
    * Added debugging for #258: Dialog loading issues
      (patch by glitsj16)
Please upgrade if you are using recent GTK versions 3.14+ as three dialog layouts broke.


You can download the release on Github: