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Liferea 1.13.7 released

This is a new development release mostly focusing on usability. Thanks for the many many contributions!

With this release the work on Reader mode continued. It can be used in the internal browser and be easily toggled from the HTML view context menu. Proper styling is planned for the next release.

This release also includes several important bugfixes:

  • Fixes HTML view blanking when following links by left click
  • Fixes UI blocking when using command pipes or feed filters
  • Fixes truncated content after Youtube embeds
  • Fixes wrong (doubled) number of unread items

There are many more changes, here is the complete list

* Allow converting TinyTinyRSS subscriptions to local subscriptions
  (Lars Windolf)
* #1045: Further integration of Reader mode with internal browser
  (Matthew Moran)
* #1044: Support for user-agent string customization and anonymization
  (Lorenzo Ancora)
* #1037: Fix deprecation of g_time_zone_new

* #1027: Add option to show news bins in reduced feed list
  (Alexandre Erwin Ittner)
* #1023: Execute feed pipe/filter commands asynchronously
  (Alexandre Erwin Ittner)

* #1018: Fix deprecation of pango_find_base_dir

* #1017: Fix deprecation of g_memdup
* #1016: Type casting to silence compiler warnings

* #1014: Fixes some compiler warnings

* #947: Rework of Reader mode feature toggling: toggle is now a context
  menu toggle of the HTML view context menu.

* Fixes #1013: Certificate problems with some URLs
* Fixes 1005: aria2 download manager triggered by wrong command
* Fixes #981: Left-clicking an external link in the headline view caused the
  Javascript disabled setting to be ignored.
  (Lars Windolf)

* Fixes #993: Duplicate registration of libsoup content decoder
  (Yanko Kaneti)
* Fixes #955: Blog post truncated after a YouTube embed
  (reported by Jeff Fortin, fix by Rich Coe)

* Fixes #952: Number of unread items is 2 times the correct number
  (reported by GaryGate15)

* Fixes #950: Multiple license issues:
  - several header files with LGPLv2+ license -> fixed to GPLv2+
  - several plugins with outdated LGPLv2+ -> updated to LGPLv3+
  - missing LGPL license file COPYING.LIB -> added
  (reported by Paul Gevers)

* #1040: Updated all documentation for WCAG and HTML5 semantics
  improves accessibility for screen readers
  (Lorenzo Ancora)

* #1049: Update and extend man page
  (Lorenzo Ancora)

* #477: Updated documentation for enclosure download
  (Lars Windolf)

* Updated documentation for preference dialog
  (Lars Windolf)
* Added Italian documentation translation
  (Lorenzo Ancora)

* Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation
  (Fúlvio Alves)
* Updated Czech translation
* Updated Hungarian translation
  (Balázs Úr)

* Updated Polish translation
* Updated Simplified Chinese translation
  (Sefler Zhou)