This is the first release in the new unstable line. While this release does not have any large changes or new features there will be breaking changes soon :-)


    * #764: Add MediaRSS support (e.g. Youtube feeds) to display
      descriptions and thumbnails
      (Mikel Olasagasti)
    * #773: Add WebKit Inspector menu option to HTML view when
      run with --debug-html (by sillyslux)
    * #714: Replaces deprecated gtk_menu_popup
    * #705: New hotkey Ctrl-O to open enclosures
    * #680: Add xdg-email command to item list popup menu

    * Drop unused glade/google_source.ui
    * #699: Refactoring of duplicate check handlingg

    * #746: Fix accessibility fatals reported by gla11y
      (reported by Paul Gevers)
    * Fixes #730: "Update all subscriptions at startup" overrides
      "Don't update this feed automatically"
      (Dymtro Kyrychuk, reported by Paul Wise)
    * Fixes #639: Right clicking on article no longer selects it
      (Leiaz, reported by Bruce Guenter)

    * #737: Update of Italian translation
    * #745: URL fix for French example feeds


Grab the tarball on the Github release page