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Liferea 1.14 Rc3 released

This is a new release candidate for 1.14. It contains many bugfixes and translation updates. This will be the last release candidate. Next release will be 1.14.0.


* Patch #1184: Solving Webkit proxy method deprecations
  (Matthew Horan)

* Fixes #1182: Periodic crash when navigating items (TheOldReader)
  (reported by Matthew Horan)

* Fixes #1176: Custom liferea.css no longer working
  (Matthew Horan)

* Fixes #1174: Missing date for some feeds
  (reported by jfbauer432)

* Fixes #1170: broken notification icon in libnotify plugin
  (Tasos Sahanidis)

* Fixes #1162: a sting impossible to translation
  (Paweł Marciniak)

* Fixes #1124: Formation vanishes after a few seconds
  (reported by Michael F. Schönitzer)

* Fixes #1121: Wait for network to be fully available before updating
  (reported by Jeff Fortin)

* Update of Albanian trasnlation (Besnik Bleta)
* Update of Brazilian-Portugese translation (Alexandre Erwin Ittner)
* Update of Chinese translation (David Yang)
* Update of German translation (Lars Windolf)
* Update of Polish translation (Paweł Marciniak)
* Update of Russian trasnlation (mbrav)
* Update of Spanish translation (Christian Martinez)


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