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Liferea synching to feedly, aol reader and digg reader?

After Digg going live recently there are now three major free news aggregators available. With two of them you can register. Today I migrated my old Google subscriptions to both Feedly and Digg Reader to have test accounts in case they open up their APIs. In the case of Feedly I did submit the developer registration, let's see if they find the Liferea user base large enough to respond. If you want to continue using a web-based aggregator you should migrate now to either Feedly or Digg Reader. Personally Digg feels a bit more like honest community than Feedly. But this probably doesn't mean much.

State of Feedly Being the first to deliver the live migration Feedly gives you instant access, but no API. I guess they want to work only with some large aggregators.

State of Digg Sadly Digg has post-poned the publication of their API for now. Meanwhile th import and the aggregator itself works fine. So let's hope.

State of AOL Reader AOL Reader has an API, but I still don't have an account or I'd have started trying to port it. It seems they do not want or cannot scale as fast as intended.