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Liferea 1.12.3 released

Today sees a new 1.12 release which addresses some long-standing user concerns. One being accidentally marking all your headlines as read, we have no a confirmation dialog. Another issue addressed is that of custom download tools. The list provided is not always sufficient so we now provide a CLI command you can enter to use you favorite downloader. A lot of refactoring also allowed us to provide a GTK headerbar plugin for all fans of GNOME style window decorations.


    * #634: Added setting for custom download commands
    * #614: GTK Headerbar support via plugin
      (Lars Windolf)
    * #608: Refactoring UI code to switch to GAction and GtkBuilder
      Note: this implies not having icons in the main menu anymore
      which were still there for all non-GNOME users (see #626).
    * #589: Item list view column order rework as a preparation for
      possible real column drag&drop. Introduces a new DConf setting
      for the column order.
      (Yanki Kaneti)

    * Fixes #280: Mark read toolbar button always disabled for search folders
      (Lars Windolf, reported by dvahalev)
    * Fixes #591: Please add a safety question when "marking all read"
      (Leiaz, reported by Nudin)
    * Fixes #625: Avoid exception in
      (Lars Windolf)
    * Fixes #627: GnomeKeyring plugin fails to activate when keyring doesn't exist
      (Lars Windolf)
    * Fixes #630: Fix feed list selection after DnD
      (Peter Zaitev)
    * Fixes #633: Big Memory leak in date code

    * Update of Turkish translation (emintufan)
    * Update of French translation (guilieb)


You can download the release tarball at github.