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Liferea 1.13.1 released

This is a new unstable feature release for the 1.13 development series.

Please note the awesome amount of contributions as well as contributors in thise release!

Kudos to all of you!


   * Fixes #840: OPML source subfolders not working
      (fixed by Tomáš Janoušek)

    * #837: Removing GTimeVal references
      (Tom Perez)

    * #827: Respect global update refresh interval for TheOldReader
      (Matthew Horan)

    * #826: Fix save/restore position issues with tray icon
      (Matthew Horan)

    * #822: Improve performance of item list loading
      (Rich Coe)

    * Fixes #821: Skip current item when finding next unread item
      (Tom Perez)

    * #815: Add support for subscribing to HTML5 websites
      without RSS/Atom feeds by extracting article
      titles,links and descriptions
      (Lars Windolf)

    * #816: Increase size of stored favicons to 128x128px
      to improve icon quality in 3-pane wide view. Also add
      favicon URL discovery tests.

    * Fixes #821: Skip current selected unread item on
      'next unread item'
      (Tom Perez)

    * #800: Expose remove-item action for plugins

    * Fixes #799: plugins/ translations not active
      (reported by Paul Gevers)

    * Fixes #783: Update IS_STATE when update item in itemlistview

    * #752: Trayicon plugin has now a configuration option
      to change the behaviour when closing Liferea.

    * Fixes #693: Add trayicon plugin option to disable minimizing to tray


Grab the tarball on the Github release page