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Liferea 1.12 Rc1 released

This is a first release candidate for new stable line 1.12

Major changes since 1.10

  • Switch to Webkit2
  • Support for Do-Not-Track
  • Improved trayicon plugin
  • Support for Reedah and InoReader.
  • Support for categories in TheOldReader
  • Simplified handling of external browsers

Changes since 1.11.7

    * Github #348: Added support for downloading content that
      cannot be displayed by HTML widget (e.g. PDFs)
    * Github #355: Migrate to Python3 libpeas loader
      (patch by picsel2)
    * Github #311: Upgrade to WebKit2
      (patch by Leiaz)
    * Github #292: Show new item count in tray icon
      (patch by mozbugbox)
    * Github #297: Minimize to systray on window close
      (patch by Hugo Arregui)
    * Github #325: Auto-fitting, translated license
      (patches by GreenLunar and Adolfo Jayme-Barrientos)

    * Fixes Github #73: Problem with favicon update
      (reported by asl97)
    * Fixes Github #177, #350: Tray icon not scaled properly
      (patch by mozbugbox)
    * Removes GeoIP rendering via OSM to avoid exposing
      users to remote JS library resources.
      (reported by Paul Gevers)
    * Fixes Github #337: Case sensitive sorting
      (reported by Pi03k)
    * Fixes Github #361: Show all enclosuers
    * Fixes Github #368: Segfault on liferea-feed-add
    * Fixes Github #382: Broken Auto-Detect/No Proxy setting
    * Fixes Github #383: Per feed don't use proxy setting is broken
      (reported by Leiaz)

    * Github #309: Update of Japanese translation
      (IWAI, Masaharu)
    * Github #329: Update of Hebrew translation
    * Github #330: Update of Spanish translation
      (Adolfo Jayme-Barrientos)
    * Update of Swedish translation
      (Andreas Ronnquist)


Get a tarball or checkout the code from Github!