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Liferea 1.10.14 released

There is a new maintenance release for the 1.10 line. It tries to fix startup crashes reported by several users and fixes a bug with launching links in the external browser. Please upgrade!


    * Fixes Github #134: Broken default news feed.
      (reported by pvdl)
    * Fixes Github #133: Subscribe into TheOldReader categories
    * Fixes Github #122: Crashes at launch, "segmentation fault"
      (reported by geoffm)
    * Fixes some memory leaks
      (patch by Rich Coe)
    * Fixes Github #145: Incorrect method triggered for 'Launch External'
      (patch by mozbugbox)
    * Fixes Github #48: Window stays hidden on next start after Ctrl+W
      (reported by Jeff Fortin)
    * Expose LifereaHtmlView to GObject Introspection
      (patch by mozbugbox)
    * Improves Google Reader API error handling
    * Now using HTTPS only when accessing TheOldReader
    * Added LifereaNodeSourceActivatable interface to allow plugins
      implementing new node source types.
    * Downgrade enclosure drop warning from Glib warning to debug trace.


You can download the release on Github: