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Liferea 1.11.6 released

This is a new release in the unstable line. It introduced "Do Not Track" support and fixed several bugs. The DnT setting can be found in the preferences dialog new tab "Privacy": Give 1.11.6 a try and please give feedback on the changes in the comments!


    * Added "Do Not Track" support (enabled per default)
    * Github #193: Added x-scheme-handler/feed to desktop file
      (suggested by GreenLunar)
    * Github #209: Add image icons to plugins
      (by GreenLunar)
    * Github #210: Enable tests for parsing RFC822 dates with 2 digit year
      (patch by arunanbala)
    * Fixes Github #78: Shaky text in feed list
      (reported by GreenLunar)
    * Fixes Github #195: Out-dated documentation on enclose download
      (reported by brian-in-crawford)
    * Fixes Github #198: Traceback on popup notifications
      (reported by GreenLunar)
    * Fixes Github #216: Untranslatable strings
      (reported by GreenLunar)
    * Fixes Github #256: PyGIWarnings on loading plugins
      (patch by glitjs16)


You can download the release on Github: