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Liferea 1.12.10 released

This is an important security fix for 1.12. Please upgrade!

CVE-2023-1350 Remote code execution on feed enrichment

If you have enabled “Extract full content from HTML5 and Google AMP” for one or more of your feed subscriptions it is possible for a an attacker to inject a script command that would run any command on your system.

Upgrading to 1.12.10 or 1.14.1 solves this security problem.

If you cannot upgrade disable “Extract full content from HTML5 and Google AMP” for all of you feeds. This can be done in the feed properties dialog,

If you have many feeds you might want to do this automatically:

  1. Close Liferea
  2. Open ~/.config/liferea/feedlist.opml in an editor
  3. Replace all occurences of html5Extract="true" with an empty string


    * Fixes CVE-2023-1350: RCE vulnerability on feed enrichment
      (patch by Alexander Erwin Ittner)


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