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Liferea 1.14.0 released

Here comes the newest stable release line of Liferea 1.14!

Features introduced with 1.14

First: Many thanks to all the contributors and package maintainers that made this possible!

Internal Browser

  • New 'Reader mode' preference that allows stripping all web content
  • Implement support for Webkits Intelligent Tracking Protection
  • New progress bar when loading websites
  • Youtube videos from media:video can be embedded now with a click on the video preview picture.
  • Changes to UserAgent handling: same UA is now used for both feed fetching and internal browsing. User agent now indicates Android+Mobile per default instead of suggesting a Linux desktop to better adapt to the smaller (in comparison to browsers) rendering pane. Additionally special env vars LIFEREA_UA and LIFEREA_UA_ANONYMOUS now also affect the internal browsing.


  • New view mode 'Automatic' which switches between 'Normal' and 'Wide' mode based on the window proportions.
  • Liferea now supports the new GTK dark theme logic, where in the GTK/GNOME preferences you define wether you "prefer" dark mode or light mode
  • Favicon discovery improvements: now detects all types of Apple Touch Icons, MS Tile Images and Safari Mask Icons
  • Increase size of stored favicons to 128x128px to improve icon quality in 3-pane wide view.
  • Make several plugins support gettext
  • Allow mutiple feed in same libnotify notification
  • Redesign of the update message in the status bar. It now shows a update counter of the feeds being in update.
  • You can now export a feed to XML file
  • Added an option to show news bins in reduced feed list
  • Added menu option to send item per mail

Feed parsing

  • Default to https:// instead of http:// when user doesn't provide protocol on subscribing feed
  • Implement support for subscribing to LD+Json metadata listings e.g. concert or theater event listings
  • Implement support for subscribing to HTML5 websites
  • Support for media:description field of Youtube feeds
  • Improve HTML5 extraction: extract main tag if it exists and no article was found.
  • Execute feed pipe/filter commands asynchronously
  • Better explanation of feed update errors.

Online services

  • Added generic Google Reader API support (allows using FeedHQ, FreshRSS, Miniflux...)
  • Now allow converting TinyTinyRSS subscriptions to local subscriptions

Search folders

  • New search folder rule to match podcasts
  • New search folder rule to match headline authors
  • New search folder rule to match subscription source
  • New search folder rule to match parent folder name
  • New search folder property that allows hiding read items
  • Now search folders are automatically rebuild when rules are changed


  • Added new plugin 'add-bookmark-site' that allows to configure a custom bookmarking site.
  • Added new plugin 'getfocus' that adds transparency on the feed list when it is not focussed.
  • Trayicon plugin has now a configuration option to change the behaviour when closing Liferea.
  • Trayicon plugin has now an option to disable minimizing to tray


  • New hot key Ctrl-D for 'Open in External Browser'
  • New hot key F10 for headerbar plugin to allow triggering the hamburger menu
  • New hot key Ctrl-0 to reset zoom
  • New hot key Ctrl-O to open enclosures

Important bugfixes

  • Fixing hidden panes: Many Liferea users did suffer from invisible pane (e.g. a minimized feed list or HTML view) upon startup. With certain desktop environments / themes making the pane grips invisible it is hard to grip the correct pixel to restore a pane.

    Now Liferea will never allow the panes to be smaller than 5% in height or width regarding to there orientation. If a pane is smaller than 5% height/width it will be set to 30% width or 50% height on startup.

    The intention here is that panes are never invisible after startup.

  • Wait for network to be fully available before updating: sometimes when real internet access takes longer to come up then your WLAN connection Liferea did update feeds to early resulting in errors. Now Liferea waits for full internet connection.


  • 2-pane mode was removed
  • Dropped CDF channel support
  • Dropped Atom 0.2/0.3 (aka Pie) support
  • Dropped blogChannel namespace support
  • Dropped photo namespace support


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