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Liferea 1.12.4 released

Release 1.12.4 brings small bug and security fixes.


    * Fixes #660: Added installable plugin to change accels
      (Lars Windolf)
    * Fixes #654: Segfault on date out of range
    * Fixes #651: Fixes Free Music Archive link in default OPMLs
      (reported by benjbrandall)
    * Fixes #649: Switch from persistent to session-only cookies
      (Daniel Alexandersen)
    * Fixes #645, #646: unread count of vfolder
    * Fixes #637: Extra keywords in .desktop file (syndication; rss; atom)
      (Daniel Alexandersen)
    * Fixes #557: Updating counters for remote sources

    * Updated cookie usage hint in FAQ


You can download the release tarball at github.