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Liferea 1.10.2 released

This is a bugfix release fixing tray icon minimizing. It also adds seeking to the media player. Please upgrade. The Changes:
* Patch SF #222: Make media player seekable
  (Simon Kågedal Reimer)
* Fixes SF #1102: Spelling error in man page
  (David Smith)
* Fixes SF #1104: liferea.desktop missing keywords
  (David Smith)
* Fixes SF #1105: Start Minimized to Tray Does Not Work
  (reported by bitlord)
* Fixes SF #1114: Crashes opening browser on item without link via popup
  (reported by Rich Coe, David Smith)
* Improved handling of broken Atom author information.
  (Lars Windolf)
* Removed dead Google Reader code to avoid doing requests to Google.
  Replaced with dummy source that even allows normal feed updates.
  (Lars Windolf)
* Added hint to FAQ on how to workaround broken Flash support
  (Lars Windolf)
* Dumping feedlist.opml with indentation for readability.
  (suggested by Christoph Temmel and Simon Kågedal Reimer)