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Liferea 1.13.3 released

This is a new 1.13 development release with a lot of great improvements including zoom reset using Ctrl-0, enabling Webkit Intelligent Tracking Protection, CSS color updated on theme switch, progress bar support when loading web pages and many other improvements.

Thanks for the many contributions!!!

Hacktoberfest Participation

Please note that Liferea has the #hacktoberfest tag set, so if you participate in DigitalOceans Hacktoberfest your pull requests will count!

With roughly three weeks more of the month have a look in the issue tracker for “help-wanted” and “easy-to-fix” labels!


Feature cleanups continue. With this release we drop

  • CDF channel support (a very old and rare Microsoft RSS alternative)
  • PIE aka. Atom 0.2/0.3 support
  • RSS namespace “blogChannel” support

While I’m sorry to see blogChannel support gone, with Userland gone, there is just no one out there using it anymore. It was a nice feature everyone sharing the subscription list explicitely…


   * #893: Update of bookmarking sites
      (Mikel Olasagasti)

    * #888: Changes required for Flathub
      (Mikel Olasagasti)

    * #882: Implement support for Webkits Intelligent Tracking Protection

    * #875: Add <Ctrl>-0 hotkey to reset zoom

    * #874: Add debug printing of SAX parser errors

    * #846: Remove deprecated usage of gdk_screen_*

    * #844: Update metainfo path (appdata target directory)
      (Yuri Konotopov)

    * #776: CSS color update on theme change without restart

    * Fixes #883: Feed with comments: last comment replaces all content

    * Fixes #866: Bad encoding in doc/html/reference_de.html
      (reported by Paul Gevers)

    * Fixes #865: Fixes view mode switch

    * Fixes #841: Now shows progress bar when loading websites

    * Fixes #828: Crashing with segfault after opening feed articles

    * Fixes XLST exception on mediarss feeds with description
      (Lars Windolf)

    * Drop blogChannel namespace support
      (Lars Windolf)

    * Support multi-feed discovery
      (Lars Windolf)

    * Default to https:// instead of http:// when user doesn't
      provide protocol on subscribing feed
      (Lars Windolf)

    * Drop CDF channel legacy support
      (Lars Windolf)

    * Drop Atom 0.2/0.3 (aka Pie) legacy support
      (Lars Windolf)

    * #893: Added Persion default feed list
      (Kevin Scruff)

    * #890: Update of Indionesian translation
      (Samsul Ma'arif)

    * #890: Update of French translation
      (Yannick A.)