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Liferea 1.12.0 released

This is the first release of the new stable release line 1.12. Many thanks to all the contributors and package maintainers that made this possible!

Important changes compared to 1.10

    * Wide view is now default view
    * HTML view now has a 'View Image' context menu
    * Redesign of the wide view: large icons with teaser text for better using 16:9 screen ratios
      and making Liferea usable on touchscreen
    * Optional AMP / HTML5 rich content fetching feature
    * Upgrade to WebKit2: This is an important security improvement!
    * Added a "Do Not Track" preference (disabled per-default)
    * Reordered columns in 'Normal' email-like view to have the date column always at the end
    * Plugins switched to Python3 libpeas loader
    * Full screen support for videos
    * Simplified external browser support

    * Experimental support for InoReader and Reedah online services
    * Added category/folder support for TheOldReader
    * Added folder auto-removal for TinyTinyRSS & TheOldReader

    * Removed libindicate support
    * Removed libnotify code (re-added as a plugin)
    * Removed tray icon code (re-added as a plugin)

Important fixes

    * Fixes unhiding from tray icon when activated via GApplication (hidden window problem)
    * Fixes #538: toggle_visibility() does not make a minimized window visible again (trayicon problem)
    * Liferea now uses ETags and If-None-Matches on feed updates
Please help fixing any leftover bugs and UX issues!

Show Your Support

Nowadays it is hard to know how many users are left out there. If you like the release of 1.12 show it by giving the project a star at Github!!!


Get a tarball or checkout the code from Github!