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Liferea sync support status (tinytinyrss, theoldreader, feedly, aol reader, digg reader)

There is slow progress in the world of news aggregation services. Since the last post on possible sync implementations I was able to submit API access requests for AOL Reader and Feedly. There is a chance that the request for AOL Reader will be successful. The unexpected thing with AOL is that they require OAuth2 authentication which Liferea does not yet support. Still it will be possible to add it. My clear favourites are still AOL and Digg. With two 3rd party hosters and one self-hosted solution (TinyTinyRSS) Liferea would provide a reasonable set of choices.
NameAPI StatusImplementation Status
Google ReaderDeprecatedImplemented, Now Useless
TinyTinyRSSPublished.Implemented, Stable
TheOldReaderPublished.Implemented, Experimental
AOL ReaderPublishedAPI Key Requested
Digg ReaderPlanned 1)%
NewsBlurPublishedNot Planned.
FeedlySecret 2)API Access Requested
1) Digg has announced they will be implementing Google Reader API and hope is they open it up 2) Feedly has announced there will be a public API with v17