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Liferea 1.14 Rc1 released

This is the first release candidate for the next stable release line 1.14. There will be probably 2 more release candidates until 1.14.0.

Fixing hidden panes

Many Liferea users did suffer from invisible pane (e.g. a minimized feed list or HTML view) upon startup. With certain desktop environments / themes making the pane grips invisible it is hard to grip the correct pixel to restore a pane.

Now Liferea will never allow the panes to be smaller than 5% in height or width regarding to there orientation. If a pane is smaller than 5% height/width it will be set to 30% width or 50% height on startup.

The intention here is that panes are never invisible after startup.

Last minute features

This release brings some small last minutes features

  • Liferea now supports the new GTK dark theme logic, where in the preferences you define wether you “prefer” dark mode or light mode.

  • New search folder rule to match podcasts
  • New search folder rule to match headline authors
  • Support for field of Youtube feeds


    * Liferea now supports gtk-application-prefer-dark-theme based
      dark mode switching.
      (Lars Windolf, Alexander Erwin Ittner)

    * #1148: Add search rule to find items from a given author.
      (Alexander Erwin Ittner)

    * #1147: Exported OPML feed lists are now UTF-8 encoded for better readability.
      (Alexander Erwin Ittner)

    * #1145: Render <media:description> field for Youtube feeds
      (Lars Windolf)

    * #1143: Updated default feed sources (HTTP->HTTPS)
      (Alexander Erwin Ittner)

    * #1133: Added new "podcast" search folder rule.
      (Alexander Erwin Ittner)

    * #1139: Also add enclosures when saving items to file.
      (Alexander Erwin Ittner)

    * Fixes #1132: Improved timeout error handling in feed commands
      (Alexander Erwin Ittner)

    * Fixes #1129: Accessibility errors in .ui files
      (reported by Paul Gevers)

    * Fixes #1126: Some images broken in reader mode
      (reported by Saijin-Naib)

    * Fixes #901, #1123: resize view panes to sensible positions
      when they were at min or max position on last shutdown. Makes
      left pane 30% window width and item list pane 50% height/width
      when pane position is 0 or 95% of height/width. (Lars Windolf)

    * Fixes #992: HTML with self-closing tags not rendering properly.
      (Rich Coe)

    * Fixes #644, #901, #909: restoring window size/position with header
      bar plugin active. (Lars Windolf)

    * #1137: Updated French translation (Guillaume Bernard)

    * #1134, #1135: Updated Spanish example feeds (Joel Barrios)


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