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Liferea 1.11.7 released

This is a bugfix release in the unstable line.


    * Github #287: Add support for media:group.
      (patch by Leiaz)
    * Github #287: Fixes issues with media:content.
      (patch by Leiaz)
    * Fixes Github #283: Bad .desktop categories definition
      (reported by Wuzzy2)
    * Fixes Github #279: Fixes rules no visible in searchdialog
      (patch by Leiaz)
    * Fixes Github #278: No "Download" tab in Tools/Preferences
      (docs error, reported by Anders Jonsson)
    * Fixes Github #83: Segfault when sorting feeds in folder
      (patch by Leiaz)
    * Fixes French translation
      (patch by polo2ro)
    * Github #300: Updated manpage
      (patch by GreenLunar)


You can download the release on Github: