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New unstable branch for liferea 1.11: support for inoreader and reedah

Yesterday I started a new 1.11 release branch in git. And my first goal is to introduce working support for the two free online aggregatorsBoth have a Google Reader like JSON API, so code reusage is possible. The challenge at the moment is to have as much shared code as possible while still covering the differences. And each time your hear someone claim this or that online service is Google Reader API compatible ask: which the Google Reader Atom API or the JSON API. Actually every combination: pure JSON, mixed Atom/JSON and Atom APIs are out there. And noone is encoding a simple thing like the read state of an item the same way. What usually is the same like back with Google Reader are the names of the API endpoints :-) Still normalizing all the APIs is a challenge itself, which is why I'm working on it. If at the end Liferea users will have a choice I'll be happy. If you are using either of those two InoReader or Reedah please leave a short note in the comments! Both readers were requested in comments to earlier post and it helps decisions a lot to know what everyone is using!