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Liferea 1.13.9 released

Here comes a new development release in the 1.13 line.

This will be the last unstable release before the first 1.14 release candidate. It contains bugfixes and a generalization of the Google Reader API implementation we already had for TheOldReader. This implementation was improved, fixing some bugs and can now be used with arbitrary Google Reader services.

New feature: Google Reader API support

If you are a FeedHQ, FreshRSS, Basquz user or a a user of any other Google Reader compatible service, you can now subscribe to those services.

Note: it currently doesn’t work with Miniflux due to this which is probably a bug in Miniflux. Once it is solved Miniflux also can be used.

If you experience any issues please open a ticket for support!

GUI simplification: less cluttered item list

The item list has seen some rework. The quite large left padding (cause by reserved space for expansion header) is now gone. Also the enclosures icon column was dropped. When using Liferea in wide mode this really gives back a lot of vertical space, so Liferea in wide mode becomes more useful half-maximized or in split screen situations.

Please give feedback how you like the change, especially the rather small padding left of the favicon column (when in wide mode)!


    * Update to Readability.js 0.41 (better image and table handling)
      (Lars Windolf)
    * Changes to UserAgent handling: same UA is now used for both feed fetching
      and internal browsing. User agent now indicates Android+Mobile per default
      instead of suggesting a Linux desktop to better adapt to the smaller
      (in comparison to browsers) rendering pane. Additionally special env
      vars LIFEREA_UA and LIFEREA_UA_ANONYMOUS now also affect the internal

    * Improve HTML5 extraction: extract <main> if it exists and no article
      was found.

    * #1117: Hide unused expander space in item list. This saves horizontal
      space. (Sefler Zhou)

    * Drop enclosure icon from item list. This saves horizontal space.
      (Lars Windolf)

    * #515, #962, #1113 adds generic Google Reader API support
      (this enables access to FeedHQ, FreshRSS, Miniflux...)

    * #1108, #113: Improve performance by different check order in itemset
      merging (suggested by mozbugbox)

    * Fixes #1033: Subscribing defaulted to HTML5 feeds even when real
      feeds do exist. (reported by Hanno Braun)

    * Fixes #1111: wrong base URI in reader mode
      (Lars Windolf)
    * Fixes #1112: Image duplication caused by feeds providing an image
      link which is also in the item description as additional metadata.
      (Lars Windolf)

    * Update of Dutch translation (Gert-dev)


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