There is a really useful short-cut in Windows which allows you to align a window to the left or the right of a screen. This way you can use your 16:9 wide screen efficiently using keyboard without any mouse resizing. This is possible on Ubuntu Unity, GNOME 2, KDE and XFCE too! Just with different mechanisms...
Desktop Half Maximize Left Half Maximize Right
Windows [Windows]+[Left] [Windows]+[Right]
Ubuntu Unity [Ctrl]+[Super]+[Left] [Ctrl]+[Super]+[Right]
GNOME 3 Drag to left edge Drag to right edge
GNOME 2 + Compiz Grid plugin Drag to left border Drag to right border
GNOME 2/XFCE/KDE + Brightside Drag to configured edge Drag to configured edge
XFCE 4.10 [Super]+[Left] [Super]+[Right]