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Get recipes from the cfengine design center

Today I learned that the makers of cfengine have launched a "Design Center" which essentially is a git repository with recipes (called "sketches") for cfengine. This really helps learning the cfengine syntax and getting quick results. It also saves googling wildy for hints on how to do special stuff. Beside just copy&pasting the sketches that cfengine guarantees to be runnable without modifications the design center wiki explains how to directly install sketches from the repository using cf-sketch. Using cf-sketch you can search for installable recipes:
# cf-sketch --search utilities
Monitoring::nagios_plugin_agent /tmp/design-center/sketches/utilities/nagios_plugin_agent
...and install them:
# cf-sketch --install Monitoring::nagios_plugin_agent
cf-sketch itself is a Perl program that need to be set up separately by running
git clone
cd design-center/tools/cf-sketch
make install