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This section documents all user interaction with headlines. Note: in Liferea headlines are also referred to as items.

Available Viewing Modes

Liferea knows three display modes:


Normal View - Email client like: the upper right pane contains a list of all headlines of the selected feed and the selected headline is shown in the lower right pane.

Wide View - 3 panes: the middle pane contains a list of all headlines of the selected feed and the selected headline is shown in the right pane.

Combined View - 2 panes: the right pane contains a combined display of all headlines of the selected feed.

You can change between these modes in the "View" menu. This is a per-feed settting so you can view each feed in the mode that fits best. The default viewing mode is "Normal View".

Launching an Item Link

To open the link the item refers to double click on the item or for keyboard users select the item and press return. Note that not each item provides a link! If the item provides a link the item title text in the item views header box is a hyperlink.

To learn how to configure the browser that is used to open links refer to the Program Preferences section!

Changing the Read Status

A headline has a read state. Unread items have bold titles. If you select an item the read status changes to read and the item title style becomes regular.

Sometimes you may not want to read the headlines of a subscription. To mark all unread at once select "Mark all as Read" from the "Feed" menu or the tool bar. Alternatively you can press the Ctrl-R hotkey.

There is also the possibility to change back the item read status. Select "Toggle Read Flag" from the items menu or click the headline with the third mouse button to achieve this.

The icon used to indicate unread items.

Flagging Items

Liferea allows you to mark items with a flag. This is useful to easily find these items and to prevent them from being dropped from the cache when aging. To do so select "Toggle Flag" from the item context menu or click the icon column of the headline list with the third mouse button.

The icon used to indicate flagged items.

Jump to Next Unread Item

When using this feature by either clicking the button in the toolbar or using the hotkey (Ctrl-N) you will be able to access all unread items very fast. The program will first jump to the next unread item in the currently displayed item list and when there are no unread items it will select the first unread item in the first feed of the feed list that contains unread items.

Searching Items

There is the possibility to search all items which contain a specific literal either in their title or their content by using the search box. Please refer to the Searching section!

Removing Items

By selecting "Remove All Items" from the "Items" menu you can clear the item cache of the currently selected feed. If you only want to remove a single by choosing the "Remove Selected" option.

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