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Managing Folders

This section describes how to organize subscriptions into folders.

The Feed List Icons

This icon or a similar icon (because it's GTK theme dependant) is the standard icon for folders.
This is the standard icon for subscriptions. Note that Liferea supports individual icons provided by a "favicon.ico" file on the webserver. Liferea always tries to download this file and use it instead of the default icon.
This is the standard icon for OPML subscriptions.
This icon or a similar icon (because it's GTK theme dependant) may indicate on of the following conditions:
  • That the subscription was not yet downloaded.
  • That the last retrieval failed.
  • That the content of the feed is mal-formed.

How to Update Subscriptions

There are three possibilities to update a feed:

But the best way might be to use none of the above. Just let Liferea update your subscription periodically. To learn more about updating read the section on Updating Subscriptions.

How to Change the Properties of a Subscription

To change the properties of a subscription (the title, the source URL, the update interval and cache settings) either select "Properties" from the context menu by right clicking the feed in the feed list or selecting "Properties" from the "Feed" menu. The properties dialog will then appear. The settings of the properties dialog are described in the Managing Subscriptions section.

How to Remove a Subscription or Folder

To remove a feed or folder, just select the "Delete" option either from the feed list context menu or the "Feed" menu after selecting the feed list's entry to delete. When removing feeds, this will remove the feed and all of its cached contents.

How to Reorder Folder Contents

To reorder feed list elements simply drag them with the mouse and drop them into their new destination. A little line is shows where the destination will be while dragging a feed or folder.

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