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What is TheOldReader and TinyTinyRSS?

TheOldReader ( and TinyTinyRSS ( are online news aggregators. To use these services you need an online user account. With such an account you can read your subscriptions

which means you can read your news simply from everywhere you are.

Why Using an Online News Aggregator with Liferea?

Liferea as a desktop aggregator cannot provide the global accessibility that a online news aggregator provides. While you can access an online aggregator from virtually everywhere, Liferea needs to be installed and configured on every PC you use. Also it ensures no direct synchronisation between the different installations.

Using an online aggregator you can workaround this situation. You can subscribe to your online account from all your Liferea installations and will have synchronous feed lists and item states everywhere. At the same time you can still use a web browser to log in to the online aggregator directly if you are at a public terminal for example.

How to Subscribe

  1. Create a online aggregator account if you not already have one.
  2. Click "New/New Source" and select "TheOldReader" or "TinyTinyRSS" from the dialog.
  3. Enter you account username and password.

Shortly after subscribing the feed list of your online account should appear and items should be retrieved.

Google Reader

Until 01.07.2013 Google did provide the "Google Reader" service which Liferea was able to import into the subscription list.

If you still have the "Google Reader" subscriptions in Liferea you can convert them into normal Liferea feeds. To achieve this select the "Convert To Local Subscriptions" option in the subscription context menu. The advantage of converting is that Liferea can keep all downloaded headline for further use and while fetching new headlines.


Using "TheOldReader" requires an existing user account with this online service. For this user account having a password is mandatory! You can set a password on under "Preferences".

If you chose "TheOldReader" as source you need to provide user name and password of your online account. After doing so Liferea will provide you with the subscription list fetched from "TheOldReader".

Note: If you delete "TheOldReader" subscriptions or headlines in Liferea then those will also be deleted in the online service "TheOldReader"!

Note: "TheOldReader" doesn't support synchronizing the flagging of important headlines. If you flag an item in Liferea, this flag will only be visible in Liferea. The same is true for "TheOldReader" if you "like" an headline this won't be visible in Liferea.


Liferea 1.10 and later supports TinyTinyRSS versions starting with version 1.5.3.

TinyTinyRSS muss vom Benutzer selbst auf einem eigenen Server installiert werden. Das erfordert Kenntnisse in Serveradministration! Einmal installiert verhälft sich TinyTinyRSS aber wie andere Online-Dienste.

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