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React PropTypes Examples

Importing PropTypes module

Since v15.5, React.PropTypes has moved into a different package named “prop-types”. Import it with

 import PropTypes from 'prop-types';

And change your “” to “”

All Basic PropTypes

Here is a table of available PropTypes

PropTypes.arrayArray (no type enforced, see PropTypes.arrayOf() for type enforcing)
PropTypes.objectJavascript Object
PropTypes.nodeA renderable type (number, string, element, array…)
PropTypes.elementReact Element

Advanced PropTypes

For complex objects or real validation use those constructs

PropTypes.instanceOf(obj)Ensure instance of specific class
PropTypes.oneOf(array)Enum, ensure property matches one of the values in the array
PropTypes.oneOfType(array)Enum, ensure property matches one of the types in the array
PropTypes.arrayOf(type)Ensure property matches an array of elements of a given type
PropTypes.objectOf(type)Ensure property matches an object (hash) of elements of a given type
PropTypes.shape({ })Ensure object of certain shape with proptypes given as parameter
xxx.isRequiredRequire the property xxx

If this is not enough use functions passed to PropTypes.arrayOf() and PropTypes.objectOf() to declare real exotic types

myStrangeProp: PropTypes.arrayOf(function(propValue, key, componentName, location, propFullName) {
  if (doSomeSpecialValidation(propValue[key])) {
     return new Error('Invalid prop `' + propFullName + '` supplied to' + ' `' + componentName + '`. Validation failed.'

Declaring Property Types

Simply add a propTypes member to your React.Component and declare the types for all expected properties

class MyApp extends React.Component {
   render() {
       return {
           <h1>Some value: {this.props.value}</h1>

// Add proptype for "value"
MyApp.propTypes = {
   value: PropTypes.number

Adding Defaults

To add some defaults declare a “defaultProps” member like this

MyApp.defaultProps = {
    name: 'Julia',
    age: 18