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Python string concat Examples

String Concatenation

By simplying using the “+” operator.

 "abc" + "def"

printf style formatting

Often it might be good to just format strings using the ‘%’ operator

 print("1:%s 2:%s" % (s1, s2))

Using ‘%’ with explicit positions

 print("1:%{s1} 2:%{s2}" % (s1, s2))

str.format OOP style

'1:{} 2:{}'.format(s1, s2)

Using ‘format’ with explicit positions

'2:{s2} 1:{s1}'.format(s1=s1, s2=s2)

String Interpolation

f'{a} * {b} = {a * b}'

Will result in

'3 * 4 = 12'

Best Practices

Its best to always use positional formatting. Note how it can be used to pass objects!