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Python re.match Examples

Note that re.match() matches from the start of the string. Use when you want to match anywhere in a string.

  • Use if you want to search anywhere inside a string
  • Use re.sub() if you want to substitute substrings.
  • Use re.split() if you want to extract fields when you have a common field separator.


Ad-hoc match

import re

result = re.match(pattern, string, flags=0);

Pre-compiled pattern

Use this if you use a pattern multiple times.

import re

pattern = re.compile('some pattern')
result = pattern.match(string [, pos [, end]]);

Simple Examples

result = re.match(r'abc', input)               # Check for substring 'abc'
result = re.match(r'^\w+$', input)             # Ensure string is one word

pattern = re.compile('abc')                    # Same as first example
result = pattern.match(input)