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Handlebars Examples

Path expressions

{{somekey}}               # Extract the the value of somekey in current context
{{somekey.subkey}}        # Extract child key
{{../otherkey}}           # Other key below parent

{{this}}                  # Current context
{{this.subkey}}           # Same as {{subkey}}


{{#if somekey}}
    somekey does exist!


Choose one of the two comment variants depending on wether your comment includes the literal “ }}” or “–}}”:

{{! comment }}
{{!-- comment --}}

Iterating Lists

{{#each entries}}

Iterating Hashes

Note: This is considered non-idiomatic.

Works if you are in the correct scope and iterate on “this”

{{#each this}}
     <div>key: {{@key}}</div>

Traverse nested objects

{{#each this}}<div>key at level 1: {{@key}}</div>
{{#each this}}<div>key at level 2: {{@key}}</div>
{{#each this}}<div>key at level 3: {{@key}}</div>

Helper Callbacks

Any expression with the following form {{<helper> <path>}} invokes a helper callback.

Register a helper callback:

Handlebars.registerHelper('myHelper', function(data) {
   # Return a string here...

And call above example helper like this:

{{myHelper somekey}}

Reusing Template Snippets (Partials)

Use a partial

{{> mySnippet}}                         # No params...
{{> mySnippet param1="1" }}             # Invoke with literal parameter

For it to work register it:

 Handlebars.registerPartial('mySnippet', 'Some template expression {{param1}}');