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wmic Cheat Sheet

Useful Examples

Getting to know the system

wmic bios get Manufacturer,Name,Version
wmic diskdrive get model,name,freespace,size         # physical disks
wmic logicaldisk get name                            # logical disks

wmic printer list status
wmci printerconfig list
wmic os list brief                         # Windows version incl. serial
wmic product list brief                    # installed programs  

wmic startup list full

For interactive mode just run


from there use “quit” or “exit” to terminate again.

Process Management

List running processes

wmic process list
wmic process list brief
wmic process list brief find "calc.exe"
wmic process list full

Start and Stop

wmic process call create "calc.exe"
wmic process where name="calc.exe" call terminate

And change priority

wmic process where name="calc.exe" call setpriority 64

Check environment variables

wmic environment list

User Management

wmic group list brief
wmic useraccount list
wmic sysaccount list


wmic qfe list           # List of missing patches

Remote Access

Run any command remote, e.g.

wmic /node:<ip> /user:<user> /password:<password> os list brief

Enable RDP

wmic /node:<ip> /user:<user> /password:<password> RDToggle where ServerName=<server name> call SetAllowTSConnections 1