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vi Cheat Sheet

DOS Line Breaks

Insert line break on command line Ctrl-v + Ctrl-M

Convert DOS -> Unix line breaks

First enter :set ff=unix and then save the file


55r         # 55 columns to the right
20l         # 20 columns to the left
!1000       # go to column 1000
:20         # go to line 20

File Open At Position

vi <file> +<line nr>

Vim Modelines

Enable them in ~/.vimrc with
set modeline
<!-- vim: set ts=4 sw=4: -->
// vim: noai:ts=4:sw=4
/* vim: set noai ts=4 sw=4: */
# vim: set expandtab:
To re-indent all press
More hints:

Vim Addon Manager

apt-get install vim-nox               # ensures scripting support
apt-get install vim-addon-manager

vim-addon-manager install <addon>
vim-addon-manager show <addon>        # check installation
vim-addon-manager enable <addon>      # some addons need enabling

Vim Enable Mouse Cursor Moving

set mouse=a


:copen                                  # Open quickfix list
:cn                                     # Next
:cp                                     # Previous
:cclose                                 # Close quickfix list
:cexpr system('grep -n xyz *')          # Load a grep result as quickfix

Hint: fastest skipping on English keyboard layout “@:”