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systemd Cheat Sheet

CLI Commands

Handling units

systemctl start   <unit>
systemctl stop    <unit>
systemctl restart <unit>

systemctl enable  <unit>
systemctl disable <unit>
systemctl is-enabled <unit>

systemctl mask <unit>
systemctl unmask <unit>

systemctl edit    <unit>

systemctl --failed                  # Show all failed units (short)
systemctl --state=failed            # Show all failed units

systemctl reset-failed [<unit>]

Change unit definitions with

systemctl edit <unit>
systemctl daemon-reload   # after directly modifying/adding config files

Global definitions from /lib/systemd/system will then be overruled by a new file in /etc/systemd/system

Delete units

systemctl stop <service>
systemctl disable <service>
rm /etc/systemd/system/<servicename>
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl reset-failed

Manage targets

systemctl get-default               # Print currently active target
systemctl set-default <target>      # Change target
systemctl list-units --type=target  # Print all units for active target

Manage control groups

systemd-cgls                     # Show all control groups

Manage systemd

systemctl daemon-reload

Listing Processes / Containers

To help identify cgroup/process relations run

ps xawf -eo pid,user,cgroup,args




Print startup time per service

systemd-analyze blame


journalctl -xe                   # List recent errors
journalctl -r                    # List in reverse time order

journalctl -b                    # Show boot log
journalctl -b -p err             # Show boot errors
journalctl -k                    # Show kernel messages

journalctl -u <unit>             # List recent log for <unit>
journalctl -f -u <unit>          # Tail log for <unit>

journalctl --disk-usage          # How many space used by logs
journalctl --rotate              # Force log rotation
journalctl --vacuum-time=2d      # Drop all logs older 2 days
journalctl --vacuum-size=100M    # Drop all logs until only 100MB are used
journalctl --vacuum-files=3      # Drop all rotations older than 3

Other systemd tools