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snap Cheat Sheet


snap version

snap list              # List installed
snap list --all        # List including all revisions

snap find <string>     # Find available snaps by name
snap info <name>       # Print details

snap install <name>
snap remove  <name>
snap remove --purge <name>   # Remove without creating a snapshot

snap refresh <name>    # Update snap
snap revert  <name>    # Revert to previous version

snap disable <name>
snap enable  <name>


snap install --channel=edge <name>         # Install from another channel
snap switch --channel=stable <name>        # Switch to another channel


Check confinement with

snap connections <name>

If a home interface is listed. The snap will have a home dir in ~/snap/<name>


Snapshots might be created automatically or are create when removing snaps.

snap saved          # List snapshots
snap save           # New snapshot for all installed snaps
snap restore <id>   # Restore a snapshot
snap forget <id>    # Delete a snapshot

snap check-snapshot <id>               # Verify snapshot
snap export-snapshot <id> <filename>   # Export as tarball to given filename
snap import-snapshot <tarball>

snap set system snapshots.automatic.retention=12d      # Set snapshot retention

For details:

Gettting rid of snap in Ubuntu 20.x/22.x

snap list                # To see all packages
snap remove <packages>   # Remove all packages except "core*" and "bare"
rm -rf /var/cache/snapd
apt autoremove --purge snapd