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jfrog Artifactory Cheat Sheet

CLI Usage

jfrog rt c         # Configure jfrog endpoint and authentication

API Queries

jfrog API docs

jfrog rt cl <API path>                    # Run curl commands using stored credentials

jfrog rt cl /api/build                    # List builds
jfrog rt cl /api/build/<name>             # Get build runs
jfrog rt cl /api/build/<name>/<id>        # Get build run info

jfrog rt cl /api/storage/<path>           # File listing
jfrog rt cl /api/compliance/<path>        # Compliance details

API Search Queries

Quick Search

# Any artifact in a folder
jfrog rt cl /api/search/artifact?name=<file name>&repos=<repo name>

# Maven artifact
jfrog rt cl /api/search/gavc?g=<group>&a=<artifact>&v=<version>&c=<classifier>&repos=<repo>

# Pattern search
jfrog rt cl /api/search/pattern?pattern=<repo>:<ant pattern>
jfrog rt cl /api/search/pattern?pattern=libs-release-local:killer/*/ninja/*/*.jar

# Reverse dependency lookup
jfrog rt cl /api/search/dependency?sha1=<checksum>

# Get list of repos
jfrog rt cl /api/repositories

AQL Searches

AQL searches can be performed via API as POST request against /api/search/aql. For example with curl:

curl "<server>/api/search/aql" \
    -H "Content-Type: text/plain" \
    -d 'items.find({ "repo":{"$eq":"libs-release-local"} })'

jfrog AQL Examples

Alternatively to quick search you can perform complex queries using AQL

AQL for searching artifacts

// Find packages by name matching

// Find packages by type

// Find by property
items.find({"@property": {"$eq" : "value"}})

// Find everything by time
items.find({"created" : {"$gte":"2020-01-01"}})
items.find({"modified": {"$gte":"2020-01-01"}})

AQL for searching repos

// Find repo by name

AQL for searching builds

// Return all artifacts of the "artifactory" build.

// Return all builds that have a dependency with a license that is not Apache.
builds.find({"[email protected]":{"$nmatch":"Apache-*"}})

AQL for archive searches

// Return all archives containing a file called "org/artifactory/Main.class".
items.find({"":{"$eq":"Main.class"} , "archive.entry.path":{"$eq":"org/artifactory"}})

AQL Filtering / Pagination

// Pagination


// Negativ matching

// List all properties
items.find(...).include("repo", "name", "path", "properties.*")