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dpkg Cheat Sheet


dpkg -i <package file>             # Install
dpkg -P <package name>             # Uninstall
dpkg -C                            # find all package with broken files
dpkg -l | awk '/^iF/ {print $2}'   # find partially installed packages

# Resolve file to package
dpkg -S /etc/fstab

# Print all files of a package
dpkg -L passwd # provided files
dpkg -c passwd # owned files

# Find packages by name
dpkg -l gnome*

# Package details
dpkg -p passwd

Reconfigure after installation

dpkg-reconfigure -a

From which repos are those packages?

apt-cache madison <package>

For example to find out which packages are not from the debian repos:

for i in $(dpkg -l | awk '{print $2}'); do apt-cache madison $i; done |grep -v

File Diversion

# Register diverted path and move away
dpkg-divert --add --rename --divert <renamed file path> &file path>

# Remove a diversion again (remove file first!)
dpkg-divert --rename --remove <file path>

Add another architecture

dpkg --add-architecture i386