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X11 Cheat Sheet

Getting key codes

Simple run xev in a terminal, focus the window and press the key. Key codes will be given on stdout.

 setxkbmap de -print | xkbcomp - - | xkbprint -color -o - - | ps2pdf - >layout.pdf

See xkbprint options to print Alt, AltGr, Ctrl layout levels.

Change keyboard mappings

 setxkbmap -query                                 # show current mapping
 setxkbmap -option "ctrl:swap_lalt_lctl"          # swap 2 keys
 setxkbmap -option ""                             # reset all mappings

Show current systemd based persistent mappings


Persist with systemd

 localectl set-x11-keymap <options>               # persist options as printed by 'setxkbmap -query'