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Vala Cheat Sheet


 valac myfile.vala
 valac -v myfile.vala                                 # Verbose output
 valac --pkg json-glib-1.0 --pkg gtk+-3.0 *.vala      # Link to JSON and GTK libs
 valac --vapidir=src --pkg MyNamespace *.vala         # Link to VAPI in your source
 valac --gir=Gtk-3.0 *.vala                           # Compile with GObject Introspection bindings
 valac --girdir=src --gir MyNamespace-1.0.gir *.vala  # Compile against your own GObject Introspection bindings

Creating Bindings

3rd party libraries that use GObject can be used via their .gir bindings. While they can be used directly (using “–gir” when compiling) Vala’s native mechanism is .vapi bindings.

To create a VAPI binding:

 vapigen --library MyNamespace src/MyNamespace-1.0.gir

If you have conflicts in .gir dependencies try to directly include the VAPI bindings instead (using “–pkg”) For example:

 vapigen --pkg=Gtk-3.0 --library MyNamespace src/MyNamespace-1.0.gir

Find Available Bindings

 find /usr/share/vala*/vapi/ -name "*.vapi"